What Are My Options to Replace a Missing Tooth?

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Has the loss of a tooth altered how your face looks? Do you cover your mouth when you smile due to gaps from missing teeth? Many of our patients at 32nd Street Dental in Joplin, MO experience this. Dr. Brett Cotham offers them options for replacing missing teeth that help to restore their oral health. Replacing missing teeth is important not just for your dental health, but your general health, too. Our caring staff can help you to determine which tooth replacement will work best for your situation.

Causes of tooth loss

Tooth loss is a major oral concern for Dr. Cotham and his Joplin, MO patients. Some of the most common reasons for missing teeth include:

  • Accidents

  • Sports injuries

  • Severe tooth decay

  • Advanced gum disease

  • Fractured roots

  • Untreatable abscesses

Why is tooth replacement important?

Whatever the cause for your tooth loss, it’s important that you replace the missing teeth as soon as possible so that you don’t experience any adverse effects. Many of our patients have experienced problems with their speech and chewing almost immediately after losing a tooth. Ultimately, replacing a tooth is important for many reasons:

Function: Teeth allow for normal oral function. When you lose a tooth, your ability to bite into foods, chew well, and speak diminishes.

Bite changes: When one tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth gravitate toward the open space. This can impact how the teeth fit together. An uneven bite can lead to discomfort, gum recession, worn tooth enamel, and even temporomandibular joint disorders.

Change in face shape: Losing teeth allows the cheeks to sink inward or for the chin to collapse. This makes someone look older than they are. Tooth replacements can help to maintain a fuller look to the face and jaw in Joplin, MO.

Cosmetic: Missing teeth have a significant impact on a smile. Tooth loss leaves holes, which drastically changes how it looks. Modern tooth replacement procedures from Dr. Cotham offer a way to restore the smile quickly.

Self-esteem: Tooth loss can be detrimental to one’s self-esteem. For many patients in Joplin, MO, losing a tooth can change how they feel about themselves. Tooth replacement helps patients to feel good about their appearance.

Options for replacing missing teeth

Modern technology has given Dr. Cotham many effective tooth replacement options for his patients. At 32nd Street Dental, we offer high-quality affordable implants, bridges, and dentures for tooth replacements.

Dental bridge: Dental bridges can be used to replace one to a few teeth from the same area of the mouth. It is a dental appliance made of two or more dental crowns that are fused together. Filling the space left by a few missing teeth, a bridge attaches securely to adjacent teeth to restore appearance and oral function.

Full or partial dentures: Dentures can be fixed or removable. They can replace a few missing teeth to an entire arch. Partial dentures are used when there are teeth still present, while full dentures help patients who have total loss of their upper or lower teeth in Joplin, MO.

Dental implants: Dental implants are used by Dr. Cotham to replace any number of missing teeth. They use a post that fuses with the jawbone to provide a stable and secure tooth replacement. Implants are best known for their long-term benefits, durability and the support that they bring to replacement teeth.

Replace missing teeth in your mouth to restore your smile today

Replacing missing teeth, regardless of the cause of the tooth loss, is important to your smile and oral health. No matter how long you’ve been missing teeth, our caring team at 32nd Street Dental offers effective tooth replacement options. Take the first step toward replacing your teeth with Dr. Brett Cotham and meet with him to discuss your options for replacing missing teeth. Our friendly staff in Joplin, MO can schedule you a treatment consultation today. Allow us to restore your smile once again!

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