Teeth Whitening

If you are unhappy with the dull, yellowish shade of your teeth, consider teeth whitening as the perfect solution!  Teeth whitening is safe, effective and an efficient way to dramatically improve your overall appearance.  Dr. Lewis can help you choose the most effective way to dramatically improve your overall appearance.  Dr. Lewis can help you choose the most effective and convenient method of whitening for you.  We offer in-office whitening as well as take-home kits.  These processes can actually make your natural tooth color between seven and twelve shades brighter than it is right now!  You too can have the bright, white Hollywood smile that you’ve always dreamed about.

Teeth Whitening is a specialty area not recognized by the ADA that requires no specific educational training to advertise this service.

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The short answer is, yes. Consultations are important for both of us. During this meeting, you can tell Dr. Lewis about past dental experiences you have had, specific complaints about your smile, and your dental hygiene habits. This is also a great opportunity to meet our dentistry team and get a personal feel for how our practice operates. It’s easy to schedule a consultation, just call us at 417.781.6322, email us at info@jamesmlewisdds.com, or use our request appointment page.
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