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At 32nd Street Dental, our experienced dentists and team of talented professionals are focused on providing the highest level of care to our patients while helping them achieve the best possible results. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and medical practices, we work diligently to make sure that the time you spend in our office is both relaxing and comforting. Our team, led by Dr. Brett Cotham, will always listen to your concerns while providing you with information so you can know your options while working toward a healthier, more confident smile. To help you overcome this challenge, we welcome you to read through a collection of testimonials related to our care and service. By reading through the accounts of other patients, we hope you will feel more assured in choosing us as your care provider.

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Review from C. M  |  Source: RateABiz  |  Dec 01, 2016

Dr. James M Lewis, AND his staff AT 32nd Street Dental - BEST DENTIST OFFICE IN JOPLIN, MO. Theres no question. Dr. James M Lewis, and his staff at 32nd Street Dental - BEST DENTIST OFFICE in JOPLIN, MO. Theres NO question. That IS just A fact. I have been through three dentists here IN Joplin since I moved TO Missouri five years ago. I thought I was going TO need dentures, so I ended up AT Dr. Lewis office after two other Joplin dentists tried to get me into those corporate cookie cutter denture factories (as I call them), and I did not want cheap dentures. I knew from watching my mother and my brother suffer through low quality dentures, that I would NOT call an 800 number for my teeth and that any dentist that tried to get me to, is no longer my dentist. After asking around at work, I got pointed to 32nd Street Dental. I heard lots of good things: they can and do make the best dentures in the Joplin, MO area, the staff and the dentist (Dr. Lewis) are wonderful people, its a dental office that treats you well, shoots you straight, and does the highest quality dentistry in the Joplin area.... I was sold, and to this day am glad that I decided to ask around at work when I needed to find a good dentist. I have THE BEST dentist, not only in Joplin, MO, but in my opinion he is the best dentist that I have ever had in my 62 years on this earth. His staff are about the sweetest ladies you will ever meet and Dr. Lewis is straight forward, and damn good at what he does. Not only did he offer me custom built high quality denture solutions for my my problems I knew that I had going on in my mouth, but he also gave me a second option: porcelain veneers. I took option two, thanks to the financing that 32nd Street Dental offered me combined with my work covered dental plan. I now have the best smile that I have ever had in my entire life, a beautiful girlfriend soon to be my wife, and a much better life than I ever imagined it would be when I moved here to Joplin a few years back. Dr. Lewis and those kind ladies have changed my life for the better forever in ways that I had never imagined at trip to the dentist office for some quality dentures would. If you want to find quality dentistry in Joplin, MO, there is only one place you go: 32nd Street Dental, Dr. James M Lewis! Oh yeah, I also have to mention.... try using their website: Wow that is a neat setup! You can book online, confirm your appointments, you can just do it all!! Plus they send you automated text messages the day of your appointment or night before, I cant remember I am old, but they make sure you remember FOR you!! Such an amazing experience visiting Dr. Lewis AND the ladies, every TIME. I had TO GET ON this computer AND say THANK YOU 32ND STREET DENTAL, THANK YOU DR. LEWIS, THANK YOU ROBBIE, CANDY, JODIE, AND ALL ELSE THAT WORK THERE!!! YOU MAKE GOING TO THE DENTIST A TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE THAN I IMAGINE MOST ANYONE IS USED TO. Thank you FOR my new life made possible because OF my new smile. It truly means so much, you folks ARE fantastic. See you IN A few months. - Clay More

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