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Our team at 32nd Street Dental is a highly skilled group of dental professionals who make the utmost effort to care for our patients' needs during each step of the treatment process. Our team, led by Dr. Brett Cotham, aims to make every part of your experience at our dental office a relaxing one. We would like to invite you to find out more about each member of our dedicated team and why you can trust your oral health to our expertise.

Cande - Office Coordinator

Cande is our talented administrative professional, and she brings years of industry experience to 32nd Street Dental. She takes charge of the daily business affairs for our team to make sure everything is being handled in the best manner possible. She is also responsible for a number of administrative duties, including managing, training, ordering supplies, and maintaining our filing systems. Her professionalism and warm personality is an important source of support for our team and our patients.


Jan – Hygienist

As a hygienist, Jan is an important presence during the care of each of our patients. She handles a number of duties, including routine checkups, patient screenings, and general oral health treatments. Her professional attitude and warm demeanor ensure that her advice is always heard. Whether she is reviewing oral health history or providing knowledge about important aspects of treatment, she is always up to the challenge.


Cheryl– Hygienist

Cheryl is an experienced hygienist and a valuable member of our team who handles a variety of daily tasks. These include routine checkups and other aspects of patient screening. She is always happy to share her knowledge with patients during their visits. Her bright personality and professional awareness make her an indispensable part of each patient’s visit to our office.


Robbie – Dental Assistant

Robbie is our seasoned dental assistant who takes charge of a number of patient-related duties. One of her top priorities is ensuring that our treatment rooms are always properly cleaned and prepped for upcoming procedures. She also handles digital x-rays and images of the mouth as part of gathering the necessary information so our team can understand a patient's oral health. Also, she regularly works chair side with one of the dentists as they examine and treat patients.


Angie – Dental Assistant

Angie is a talented dental assistant on our team who stays on top of a variety of tasks related to patient care. She regularly helps our dentists with information gathering while also handling the maintenance and care of our treatment rooms. She is known for comfortably having a conversation with patients to gain a better awareness of specific needs related to their oral health.



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